2.6 Linux Kernels for Sharp Zaurus handhelds

This page gives details on the support for:

Work on devices being undertaken by others:

Other people have worked on devices in the past:

My current patches are available here. Also see the Patch Archive.

The best way to compile a kernel using these patches is to use the openzaurus-2.6.xx.bb file in OpenEmbedded. The correct sequence for applying the patches is maintained there.

I can be contacted at webwide@rpsys.net. Announcements and discussion of zaurus related kernel development happens on the openzaurus-devel mailing list.

OpenEmbedded Zaurus 2.6 Linux Kernel Status

The following list shows the sections of code that have been written and which devices they support. This code is either in mainline kernels or is ready to be merged:

Unsupported hardware is listed by device below.

Known Kernel Issues/Bugs:

Model Specific Information

SL-C7x0 and SL-Cxx00 General Information:

Under 2.6 one kernel supports all the SL-C7xx machines and another the SL-Cxx00 series. No cmdline mtd parameters are needed for the default partition sizes and RAM size should be automatically detected. The Sharp Logical NAND layer has not been ported to 2.6 so the nandlogical utility should *NOT* be used under the 2.6 kernel. The ioctls numbers it uses are present but do different things. If the source to nandlogical became available, it may be possible to create a utility under 2.6 - the whole thing should really be done in userspace via the block/char devices though.

Current Status:

Large chunks of SL-C7xx and SL-Cxx00 support have been merged into the mainline Linux kernel from 2.6.11 onwards and most support is now in mainline. All device features except those mentioned below are working.

Code which is feature complete and ready for mainline inclusion:

Working but not ready for mainline:


SL-5600 General Information:

Current Status:

Device features other than those mentioned below are working.

Experiental support in 2.6 kenerls:

SL-5500 General Information:

Current Status:

The latest support is to be found in Pavel Machek's git tree.

Problematic support: