ALSA SoC Layer

The overall project goal of the ALSA System on Chip (ASoC) layer is to provide better ALSA support for embedded system on chip processors (e.g. pxa2xx, au1x00, iMX, etc) and portable audio codecs. Currently there is some support in the kernel for SoC audio, however it has some limitations:-

ASoC Design

The ASoC layer is designed to address these issues and provide the following features :-

To achieve all this, ASoC basically splits an embedded audio system into 3 components :-

ASoC is still very much work in progress and currently the only supported platform is the pxa2xx. Support for other platforms will follow soon with the iMX and au1x00 SoC's (as I have both boards). Atm, codec drivers exist for:-

In progress:-

Also included:-

Supported machines:-

The current ASoC snapshot (version 0.11.6) was released on 15th September 2006 and can be found at