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Oprofile Support for arm complete

My arm backtrace code has been accepted into the kernel so oprofile support for arm is complete!

Computers Zaurus

w100fb rewrite

The first draft of the w100fb patches have been submitted for review to linux-fbdev-devel

Computers Zaurus

Corgi Suspend/Resume Fixed

The c7x0 has been getting more and more sensitive to the length of time the suspend/resume button was pressed. I’ve finialy tracked this down to the suspend/resume behaviour of the keyboard driver and fixed it.


Bike Crash Report

On an offroad/MX day, it was really just a question of when and how :).
Having tried the four strokes around the nice “flat” field, I gave the
two stroke a go. The gearbox took a little getting used to. I got it
into 4th in a straight line but failed to change/slow down fast enough
to turn around resulting in the first crash of the day as the backend
swung around 270 degrees before spitting me off. Strangely, I didn’t
really feel it, the clutch lever bent back to roughly the right position
and all was well again :).

Only after this did they explain the correct seating position – I’d
probably not have crashed if I’d known this before hand. In a way I was
quite pleased though as I’d found how wrong you could get it before you
actually fell off!

I avoided the two stroke for a while but eventually took it around the
full track. Despite a number of people disliking it, I found it easier
to use than the four strokes and *really* enjoyed it – it was by far the
most fun bike there IMO.

Surprisingly I don’t really hurt too much today. Along with the expected
aches, I have blisters all over my hands, the skin on my left shoulder
is bloodshot and I have a lump on my knee where I think the armour must
have pinched the skin. Karting still remains the most physically
abusive “sport” I’ve tried by a long way though.

I still can’t believe we did some of the things we were doing 🙂


MX/Offroad Day

I never thought I'd be doing this...
I never thought I’d be doing this! 🙂