Bike Crash Report

On an offroad/MX day, it was really just a question of when and how :).
Having tried the four strokes around the nice “flat” field, I gave the
two stroke a go. The gearbox took a little getting used to. I got it
into 4th in a straight line but failed to change/slow down fast enough
to turn around resulting in the first crash of the day as the backend
swung around 270 degrees before spitting me off. Strangely, I didn’t
really feel it, the clutch lever bent back to roughly the right position
and all was well again :).

Only after this did they explain the correct seating position – I’d
probably not have crashed if I’d known this before hand. In a way I was
quite pleased though as I’d found how wrong you could get it before you
actually fell off!

I avoided the two stroke for a while but eventually took it around the
full track. Despite a number of people disliking it, I found it easier
to use than the four strokes and *really* enjoyed it – it was by far the
most fun bike there IMO.

Surprisingly I don’t really hurt too much today. Along with the expected
aches, I have blisters all over my hands, the skin on my left shoulder
is bloodshot and I have a lump on my knee where I think the armour must
have pinched the skin. Karting still remains the most physically
abusive “sport” I’ve tried by a long way though.

I still can’t believe we did some of the things we were doing 🙂