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Poky 3.0 (Blinky) Released

It gives me great pleasure to announce a new release of Poky, version 3.0 (blinky). There are lots of new features in this although the biggest change is no doubt the introduction of the new look and feel known as Sato along with the new desktop, panel and Pimlico application “Tasks”. A rough summary of the changes is:

  • Sato 0.1 - simple fast GTK+ based PDA/Smartfone fully featured theme and application framework
  • Latest Pimlico packages (Contacts, Dates and the new Tasks)
  • Matchbox Panel-2 and Matchbox Desktop 2
  • Improved customised version of Puzzles
  • bitbake 1.8 series based - faster and more efficient builds than ever before including multi-process build support
  • Latest X11 packages (X11R7.2 based)
  • Package Epoch support
  • Standalone/External/Prebuilt toolchain support
  • Improved QEMU images including distcc support and improved integration
  • Introduction of 'formfactor' - physical hardware abstraction layer
  • GTKTerm replacing rxvt
  • Linux 2.6.21 Kernel
  • GTK Input Method support
  • Latest oprofile including support for oprofileui, a remote control interface for oprofile.
  • Improved/new profiling tools such as exmap and valgrind (qemux86 only)
  • Addition of gdbserver for remote debugging
  • Improved ease of image control/creation/customisation through FEATURES
  • Experimental Nokia N800 and FIC-GTA01 support
  • Experimental bootable x86 cd image support

Here are links to the release and images. See the poky website for more information including screenshots.