Never straightforward

Last week I was in London and Grenoble due to arrive home on Saturday. Sadly there was a human+train interface in France which delayed trains for hours including the one I was on meaning I missed my train to Newcastle in London and had to stay there overnight arriving back here Sunday.

The Embedded Linux conference was interesting with 8 different presentations on build systems. The common thought was “how can we reduce the number and concentrate the effort into making them better?”. A hard question but OpenEmbedded and Poky seem to be leading the way in the areas of features and userbase size. It was interesting to hear how Montavista are using OE. Learning the way others do things is interesting and I have some new ideas for bitbake too!

Bike wise I’ve been traveling too much to get out on it but next weekend I’m booked into the Hafren rally in Wales in preparation I changed the tyres on the CRM. Whilst doing so I found:

which is a crack running through the sidewall of the rear wheel rim about 10mm in length. Getting another rim is looking difficult and the two on ebay are broken in a similar way so it looks like I’ll have to resort to finding someone with an aluminum welder. Things never seem straightforward.