Baskerville Hall

I spent my weekend at Baskerville Hall in South Wales which quite an impressive building, now a hotel and is where Conan Doyle wrote The Hound of the Baskervilles even if he set it in Dartmoor to confuse people. You can feel something of the book about the place.

As the pictures feel, it was mainly dark, wet and windy. I covered 762 miles on the 675 over the weekend and saw some lovely roads and scenery but sadly took few pictures due to the weather.

I was in good company with lots of friends there and the number wimping out and traveling by car was lower than expected!

The bad bit is the bike is now totally filthy and is going to take some cleaning. Its also developed some worrying squeaks. The new tyres coped admirably with the wet roads and my confidence in the wet on the bike has defintely improved.

On a technical note, I did take a GPS and the n800, wiring both into the bike battery for the first time. Unfortunately due to a cable mixup, the n800 didn’t charge and ran out of battery by the time I reached Wales. I hadn’t taken any paper maps but thankfully knew where I was going. Maybe next time I’ll finally get a working navigation system on there.