The weekend in Pictures

The last post didn’t have many pictures so here are some to balance things out. Firstly, the view from Chollerford bridge whilst waiting for recovery from my camera phone which doesn’t do the sky justice:

The state of the bike after being towed down a muddy hillside:

A view of the clutch basket on the bike. The comb like bits should be flat:

A better picture of the notched clutch basket. The black gunge is the remains of clutch friction plate and is also spread all over the gearbox:

Also, I ended up cutting the centre clutch nut off, the top of the nut above partially shows the butchery. It was on so tightly that I was going to damage something trying to remove it and I’d rather just buy a new nut than break something more expensive!

The state of some of the clutch plates clearly shows why there was no more drive. It should look more like the one on the left but only overheated metal remains of the one on the right:

The state of the steels that run between the friction plates. Some of these have seen some serious temperature and should be the colour of the silver one. The shiny spot on the top plate is where I tried cleaning it. I’m not sure whether to reuse these or not:

An old karting trick is just to file the notches out the clutch basket which I’ve done here. This would probably run ok but I haven’t decided whether to use this or not yet: