Tarmac takes getting used to again

Due to the various building works last year, the 675 was laid up off the road. I had planned to wait until spring to get it MOT’d (safety checked) and get it back on the road. With the mild weather there is not time like the present though.

After riding the CRM/YZ for the past months, getting back on a true road bike was very very odd. The amount the bars moved for slow speed manouvering was scary, the brakes seemed weak (but aren’t), the throttle rather responsive, the clutch immediate and the raw accelation, grin worthy.

I did manage to remember how to ride it, the battery worked, the engine management didn’t light up like a christmas tree and it gained an MOT. Triumph did a beautiful piece of engineering with that bike and I remember why I own it. We need some better weather but its ready and waiting :).